A sound artist, field recordist and researcher with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds

The Palm Beaches, Florida

Having spent long amounts of my childhood visiting family and friends in Florida, predominantly the Palm Beaches, I find myself naturally attached to the beautiful soundscapes there. I have collected many different recordings, some descriptive and conversational, while others atmospheric. Here are a few personal favourites.


‘Kitten Talk’ is a recording made of an interaction with a family friend, and several tiny rescue kittens her and her children were looking after. I initially came in hoping to get cat sounds to add to my archive, but ended up with some exhausted kittens who only wanted to bat the microphone around while she and I had a chat about them and their adoption process. Listen for the occasional loud purring and hitting sounds from the kittens interacting with the microphone.


Kitten Talk 


Juno Beach in North Palm Beach is a favourite peaceful spot, visited a lot by me and my mother throughout the years. I got two interesting recordings capturing different perspectives of our regular beach routine. The first is taken with my Binaurals actually standing in the water, sadly it was a slightly windy day so even with my special ‘earmuffs’ the wind seems to break through.


In the Water at Juno Beach


My mother and I usually would make a point of going for a long walk, leaving our things on the sand and wondering off down the coast. This recording was made during one of these walks, and sadly the wind was also present here. Listen for tiny birds tweeting at one another.


Juno Beach Walk