Anna Celeste Edmonds

A sound artist, songwriter and field recordist with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds

Anna Celeste Edmonds

Sound Artist | Field Recordist | Researcher


This section contains works made at different sites out in the field. Some are bigger projects, while others are more brief field recordings taken in situ at locations such as heritage buildings, historic ruins, and...


A list of songs, readings, and piano and voice pieces. Listen Don’t Touch Fleeting Space From Under the Floorboards It Matters Exploration of Themes The Cracks of Time Found Object Sound


“…There’s a quiet here as passing shadows turn by hours, Through every shaded field, there will always blossom flowers.” Lebewohl, (verse II) Blog Acoustic Caretaking and the Near-Ruin  


Welcome, my name is Anna and I am a sound artist and SEAHA-CDT PhD researcher, who has a fascination with heritage sites, buildings at risk, and documenting my surrounding environment, what ever shape it may take. This site is a portfolio of my work; some finalised pieces and projects, and others experiments and documentation. There are pictures and sounds, as well as writing displaying some of my past and current thoughts. This site is a constant work in progress, so thank you for your patience as more of my work unfolds.

Above Sound: ‘Care Taken’ – vocal recording at Curzon Street Station.