A sound artist, field recordist and researcher with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds

What Keeps You Going?



‘What Keeps You Going?’ was the conclusive performance to the workshop; lasting around 20 minutes, and including movement, live singing, verse from a theatre production, and pre-recorded sound. It involved different sequences and ideas the performers had created over the sessions, brought together into a singular work, with many exciting stems of interaction and movement happening between each of the performers and the space they were within.

It included several recordings made during the previous sessions, working as cues or accompaniments to the performative piece.

Here are a few of the recordings involved, in the order they were used in the performance:


Atmospheric sound (background sound recorded with a contact microphone):


Huddle without Emma:


Depi and Ronald; contact microphone sequence:


Depi sequence description:


Who are you?:


Names and answers (to each other’s questions):