A sound artist, field recordist and researcher with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds


During Anna’s PhD research with SEAHA-CDT and University of Brighon, heritage partner The Regency Town House, and industry partner Echoes, A series of immersive soundwalks were created at the site of Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove, UK. These soundwalks explored new technology, 3D audio and headtracking, ambisonic field recording and mixing, musical composition, public engagement, storytelling, and mobile media. It was an incredible journey of development and exploration of interdisciplinary research, presenting novel research imminently being published in her thesis.

After this PhD project, Anna designed an immersive heritage soundwalk exploring Brighton’s laundry heritage, called ‘Along These Lines’, working with community charity Quiet Down There based at the Brighton Open Market, as a Heritage Lottery funded project. This successful soundwalk was presented in two forms, and initial prototype as part of Heritage Open Days in September 2023, and then the full experience was presented as part of Dreamy Place digital festival in Brighton from 20th-21st October 2023. This iterative design process of creation and evaluation, is unique to Anna’s soundwalk development, and offers a design process beyond the usual format found in artistic commisions. This design recommendations can be found in her PhD thesis, which were developed over 5 years of established research in the sound studies and heritage fields.

Along These Lines


The Golden Hours

Songs of the Sea

Soundwalking at dusk – ‘The Golden Hours’.
‘To the Grass’ – listening in ‘Re/collections’