A sound artist, songwriter and field recordist with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds


The final prototype in my PhD research project, taking place in Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove.


Join sound artist Anna Celeste Edmonds as she takes you through an immersive heritage-influenced soundwalk at Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove, in partnership with the Regency Town House and audio application Echoes. Pulling together thoughts and histories from the Brunswick Town area, wrapped in musical compositions, sound effects, and dialogue, this collection of sounds is an exploration of different recollections which have been discovered during her doctoral research project. This is the concluding audio work of her project and she welcomes you to join her in experiencing it.

Sessions will run in hour-long slots where listeners can take their time to listen to the walk how they choose, with a small slot for feedback taken into consideration within this. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated for the researcher in writing her thesis. Please bring your own mobile phone with the Echoes application downloaded, the researcher will provide all other listening equipment.

Further information will be provided nearer the event on any updates to the walk, please email a.edmonds@brighton.ac.uk for more information.