A sound artist, field recordist and researcher with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds


Re/collections is a GPS triggered, fully 3D immersive soundwalk with headtracking, and the final prototype built at Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove, as part of Anna’s PhD research project. It is a free-form heritage-specific listening experience, consisting entirely of ambisonics, presented (and still available) on the Echoes application – an indistry partner to this PhD. It was presented formally in two sittings, the first in June 2022 over 6 sessions as part of public engagement research, and again for Heritage Open Days September 2022 alongside a supporting exhibition with The Regency Town House, and as part of ‘Soundwalk September’. Accessible on personal or lent IOS mobile devices, headphones and headtracking devices provided for 3D listening. Also compatible with Apple Airpod Pros for 3D listening.


“Join Anna at the square as she introduces you to a novel mobile listening experience involving historic information presented Nick Tyson, Curator at The Regency Town House; intertwined with her own composed music, sound effects and dialogue. This is a PhD final prototype testing new technology not yet experienced in England.”

‘Re/collections’ incorporates adapted melodic themes and elements of content from ‘The Golden Hours’, mixed with new additions of historic information and sound effects in response to research feedback from the first prototype, to create a cohesive and informative 3D soundwalk experience. It is the final iteration developed in this project, but exists as its own standalone soundwalk experience, contrasting from ‘The Golden Hours’ in many ways. Here on this page you can find smaller stereo versions of the files which were originally recorded or edited as ambisonics, a select few are in the process of being presented on an ambisonic host site to provide a clearer experience of 3D sound away from the soundwalk itself. Watch this space for details. The tracks are in no particular order, as that was how they were presented to the public. Each visitor was taken to the same starting area, but they were encouraged to find their own narrative around the works, which presented many different paths of listening through an inner and outer route, in harmony with the historic details and layout of the site.

Screenshot of soundwalk on Echoes application

The related paper discussing the ambisonic aspect of this prototype can be found here:


In-situ dialogue recording with historian Nick Tyson and the Sennheiser Ambeo VR paired with Zoom H6 field recorder.
Two listeners enjoying the experience together.
Headphones ad Nordic Thingy 52s for headtracking provided.

Listen to Re/collections on Soundcloud via https://soundcloud.com/anna-c-edmonds/sets/recollections and on-site through the Echoes application at https://explore.echoes.xyz/collections/jIcAOfqH7F2vxNsa

For more info on any of these works, and details of the research, please contact Anna, and read her relevant papers.

Note: As with everything on this personal site, all recordings displayed in the ‘Re/collections’ soundwalk are owned by Anna Edmonds. All musical compositions, content, and sound effects in the ‘Re/collections’ soundwalk, excluding Roger Quilter and Hamilton Harty melodies, are also owned by Anna Edmonds. The historic information presented by Nick Tyson in this walk is his own research and storytelling, and he should be credited also in any reference of the content he is present in.