A sound artist, field recordist and researcher with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds

The Golden Hours

This page contains stereo versions of the tracks experienced in the first prototype built as part of Anna’s PhD project. It was recorded with binaurals and ambisonics to be presented spatially in the walk, but here they have been mixed down for presentation on this site. ‘The Golden Hours’ is a combination of personal piano and voice compositions, some sound effects and dialogue, a select few adapted themes from Roger Quilter’s piece ‘Come Away Death’, and the choral work ‘Pie Jesu’ sung by ‘Actually Gay Men’s Choir’ in Brighton & Hove; all recorded by Anna. This walk was a dawn and dusk walk, arranged to be heard either clockwise or anticlockwise around Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove, depending on the time of the session. The main piano and voice piece, here presented as the title track ‘The Golden Hours’, was written during the first lockdown, and sparked the following melodies to the soundwalk, and others beyond this work. This listening experience was created while restrictions were still in place, and was presented to the public at the site of Brunswick Square during Heritage Open Days in September 2021. Themes of time, loss, absence, but also peace, were brought together in The Golden Hours; to inspire the public back to heritage once more, after time apart during the pandemic. The first track in either session is ‘RTH at No.13’, after that, listeners would move clockwise – top to bottom for the ‘dusk walk’, and anticlockwise – bottom to top for the ‘dawn walk’.

Sound map of ‘The Golden Hours’ audio walk

Screenshot of ‘The Golden Hours’ soundwalk on the Echoes application

Listen to The Golden Hours tracks on Soundcloud via https://soundcloud.com/anna-c-edmonds/sets/the-golden-hours or by clicking above.

Soundcloud recordings are MP3 mixdowns (without spatialisation) from the recordings presented outdoors, made for over-ear headphones which bleed the outside environment in. They will sound different when heard in an indoor environment with personal headphones.

Note: As with everything on this personal site, all recordings displayed in this soundwalk are owned by Anna Edmonds. All musical compositions, content, and sound effects on this soundwalk, excluding those of ‘Pie jesu’ and ‘Come Away Death’ themes, are also owned by Anna Edmonds.