A sound artist, songwriter and field recordist with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds

The Sea-Bird – Track 2 – Dialogue

The second track created was in the form of dialogue, surrounding a short passage from the book ‘Roger Quilter: His Life and Music’ by Valerie Langfield, 2002. This passage was about the nuances of the lyrical changes made by Quilter from his 1901 to 1911 versions of ‘The Sea-Bird’, and further details on the collection itself – ‘Songs of the Sea’. The passage was read by me, and was first recorded on the Zoom H4n handheld microphone, and then due to issues with popping from ‘P’ sounds, moved to the Soundman Binaural microphone, which eliminated the issue due to the microphones being positioned in my ears, away from my mouth.

Cover of Langfield, V. (2002) Roger Quilter: His Life and Music

An extract of the popping issue from the Zoom H4n:

Popping ‘P’ sounds extract.

The final recording which was successfully made with the Soundman OKM Binaurals:

Final version of ‘The Sea-bird – Track 2’.