A sound artist, songwriter and field recordist with a love for heritage sites, ruins and buildings at risk.
Anna Celeste Edmonds

The Sea-Bird – Track 1 – Music

The first of the interpretations took the form of music, performed and recorded from the original score, at the Unitarian Church, Brighton & Hove, UK. I myself was the vocalist, and fellow SEAHA-CDT PhD student Robin Talbot was the pianist. Two different kinds of techniques were tested, first with the H3 Holophone, and second with the Soundman OKM Binaural microphones attached to a coathanger, which ended up being the better choice for this recording.

The Holophone set up, Robin Talbot on piano.

There were unforeseen irregularities in the recordings from the Holophone which were likely from electrical interferences, this can be heard in the following recording:

Extract of Holophone interference.
Binaural microphones set up on a coat hanger, and connected to the Zoom H4n handheld recording device.

The final recording was successfully completed with the Soundman Binaural microphones, spaced out on a coat hanger to the positioning which would reflect listening for a human head. This final recording is as follows:

The final recorded version of ‘The Sea-bird – Track 1’